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Understanding Panic Attack Disorder

Panic Attack Disorder is considered a panic attack followed by a month or more of a fear of another attack. A person who suffers a panic attack may very well never have an episode again, but it’s more likely that they will, as well as some secondary fears. Panic attacks are in fact completely based on fear and it is this fear of the panic attack that then leads to fears such as being sicker than anyone realizes and having something seriously wrong that is going undiagnosed or a fear that they are going to die. No wonder these fears lead to a panicked state!

Something that many don’t realize about Panic Attack Disorder is the impact that it can have on ones life. There is a stigma around anxiety-related disorders that those who suffer are somehow weak minded or flawed, but the reality is that it can happen to anyone at any given time. It can also lead to several other conditions if left untreated, such as depression, substance abuse and even suicide. When you live in constant fear of panic attacks and add to that the imagined threat that something else is wrong—usually explained as an impending feeling of doom—it’s no wonder that it can affect someone to such a great degree that they would be pushed that far. If you are suffering from this or nay other anxiety disorder, you need to realize that there is help and with a little time, patience and know-how; you can stop panic attacks for good.

When something triggers your anxiety, your first response is to react out of fear even though a panic attack doesn’t actually pose a real threat to you. Just the imagined threat or danger is enough to trigger an attack in those with the disorder. No matter how intense your physical symptoms may be during a panic attack; you need to try to remember that you are NOT in any real danger and a panic or anxiety attack CANNOT hurt you. There are no known cases of a panic attack killing or hurting anyone, so as upsetting and uncomfortable as they may be; do not fear them as they pose no real threat at all. It will take time to really comprehend that and apply it so that it helps you keep attacks at bay, but Panic Attack Disorder can be cured for good once you learn to not let the fear of the attack take over and consume you. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

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